Are You Getting What You Pay For?

The “buy-and-hold” and “passive” approach to portfolio investment is often cited as the best way to manage investments. Unfortunately for most unsuspecting investors, in today’s market it is far more likely to cause you harm than to help you. It is anticipated that current volatility will continue over the next ten to twenty years and stock losses may be significant (bond losses could be, too!).

Odds are, you’re exposed to way more risk through your portfolio than you know or want.

What Sets Us Apart

Our discovery process combined with our commitment and passion to put your needs above everything else are some of the reasons our clients value us. In addition to our overall commitment to our clients, we offer a retirement Designed Management System that provides our clients with a low risk and low volatility portfolio that is designed for their needs and objectives.

We are investment advisor representatives for Horter Investment Management, LLC. We provide a Retirement Designed Management System that is designed to be low risk and low volatility. Our investment portfolios are “actively” and “tactically” managed by professional private wealth managers. Our managers use non-emotional, validated, and/or algorithmic investment methodologies that have the goal of reducing the number and amount of drawdowns on your invested monies when compared to a broker’s typical 60/40 buy and hold investment portfolio. The benefit is that you experience greater overall wealth accumulation as a result of not having to recover from extreme drawdowns.

Whatever your goals, whether they are aspirational or modest, short-term or long-term, our priority is to make them a reality.

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